Alannah Rogers has just released a new Beatrice Young book.   Below is a little bit about the book to whet your appetites.

‘Beatrice is busy planning her wedding to the  man of her dreams—ex-husband, best friend, and handsome-as-heck Matthew.

But when a scary surprise interrupts her bridal shower, the 64-year-old amateur sleuth knows that this wedding planning business is going to be anything but dreamy. A horrid villain has decided he’s going to turn her happiest time into a nuptial nightmare.

In the end, Bee’s four crime-fighting felines might be the only ones to exploit this treacherous fiend’s only weakness … and save the day.’

Below is the link to Book #14.

Fur-tive Wedding Fiend

Alannah is also giving away 2 boxed sets (1 – 5 & 6 – 10) of her Beatrice Young Cozy Cat Mystery books to two lucky readers.  Don’t miss out!!!!  Contest closes May 20th!!

Click here for the giveaway

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